5 years

Vaughn de Heart is 5 years old today. One of my most cherished stories is about an order of my "Les gens courageux" design I received from a woman in Singapore during my second year. Months after I shipped the order I was going through the fans that I had on Facebook. One of the profile pictures caught my eye was of a girl I didn't recognize wearing the same design. Up until this point I had only ever seen my close circle of friends wearing my designs in their profile pictures. I read the name and it recalled the order to my mind. It was a great feeling. I felt great because I felt like the design meant something to her, I felt like she "got it" she understood the message of the design. It connected with her in a way unknown to me, but it was significant enough for her to put it as her first picture. When my friends wore it in profile pictures I thought they just did it because they knew me. This was the first time I could be sure that it was because of the meaning, that what I was creating actually meant something to others. I know this is a small thing but it is experiences like this that have made these last 5 years so great. Connecting with people through messages of courage. What a great feeling! Now for some recent news, Vaughn de Heart (and myself) have moved to Los Angeles. This news is so recent that all of the boxes in my apartment are still packed as viewable in the picture. In this photo are hints to the theme of my next collection. The title is french and the title is "La Mer." Thanks to all of you for sticking with me for these 5 years, I feel like all of you are in my corner and we can accomplish great things together. Here's to the years to come!

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