Brand Storytelling: Nike FC Leonards 1.45s 2

Another piece from the brethren over at The Rig Out about the Nike FC Leonards.  The video features a group of  footballers from East London.  Their sect is unique because this particular group is comprised of young creatives who dabble in art, music, and creatives all gather to exercise their other passion, football.  This is another example of what I really like about brands and their ability to tell stories.  It puts so much focus on the sport, and the people. Videos like this bring me back to when I was a kid and we all got together in our neighborhood to play soccer.  What happens in this video seems largely the same except everyone is much cooler, and has way better clothes than.  It is a romanticized version of the sport and to me is very relatable.  We all know the kid who doesn't pass, the squabbles that arise during any heated game, and the one guy who is on a differently level than everyone else. This video was made for the brand FCRB which stands for Football Club Real Bristol which is a brand under the Nike umbrella that is a collaboration between Nike and the Japanese mysterious cool guy brand Sophnet.  I feel like FCRB has to be mostly a passion project.  The brand feels like it wasn't made to make a profit, it feels like it was made for the few who are in the know and are dedicated.  I doubt that there are many who don FCRB without knowing a lot about the brand and the origins.  Their fan base seems to be true believers even though I have never met or seen anyone actually wearing the brand. Isn't that what it's about creating something that seems so authentic, so real that people think you do it because you love it, not because you want something from them.  Maybe that is the real difference that allows you to create an experience with your customers instead of just a transaction.  This is what I want to do.    
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