How To Enhance A Basic Outfit | The Ultimate Guide

How To Enhance A Basic Outfit | The Ultimate Guide


All outfits shown in the video are linked down below, ordered by categories ↓

Short Black Jacket:
Green Bomber Jacket: no longer available
Similar Alternative:
Houndstooth Long Coat: old season no longer available
Similar alternative:
More affordable alternative:
Long Black Coat 1:
Long Black Coat 2: (similar Zara alternative)
Blue Short Jacket:
Black Pleated Blazer:
Short Brown Jacket:

Slim White T-Shirt:
Slim Black T-Shirt:
Grey Relaxed T-Shirt:
Oversized White T-Shirt:
Grey Ribbed Vest:
White Ribbed Vest:

Red Flannel shirt: (similar alternative)
White Shirt: (currently sold out)
Same shirt, different colour:
Black Long Sleeve Shirt:
Brown 3/4 Shirt: no longer available
Pleated Black/Brown Shirt:

Hoodies & Sweatshirts:
Grey Hoodie:
Black Hoodie: (similar alternative)
Stone Hoodie:
Green Hoodie:
Grey Sweatshirt:

Grey Long Sleeve Polo Sweater: no longer available
Similar Alternative:
Black Wool Sweater: (same brand, similar alternative)
Affordable Alternative:
Taupe Mock Neck Sweater:
Beige Sweater:
AMI Paris Sweater:
Cream Sweater: (similar alternative)
Black Mock Neck Sweater:
Black/Green/White Roll-neck Sweater:
Brown Sweater: (similar alternative)
Grey Zip Sweaterr:

Blue Denim Jeans:
Affordable Alternative:
Grey Denim Jeans:
Indigo Pleated Denim: no longer available
Cream Carpenter Pants: (same brand, similar alternative)
Wide Leg Tan Trousers: (similar alternative)
Black Leather Pants: (similar alternative)
Black Pleated Trousers:
Black Cropped Trousers: (similar new season alternative)
Black Cropped and Pleated Trousers:

Grey Sweatpants:
Stone Sweatpants:

Balenciaga Black Cap:
Affordable Alternative:
Isabel Marant Beige Cap:
Nike Beige Cap:
Isabel Marant Blue Cap:
Palm Angels Green Cap:
New Era Black Cap:

Black Scarf:
Grey Scarf:
Beige Scarf:
Red Snood:

Tom Wood Michael Ring:
Miansai Square Bar Ring:
Miansai Chain Link Ring:

White Sneakers: (similar alternative)
White Sneakers:
White/Beige Sneakers:
Balenciaga Track.2 White Sneakers:
Low Top Beige/White Trainers: sold out
Beige Clogs:
Beige Sneakers:
Black Chunky Sneakers:
Slip On Shoes:
Black Chelsea Boots:
Affordable alternative:

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