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spartan hypebeast forums "Goodbye my love." He doesn't say it. There's no room for softness... not in Sparta. No place for weakness. Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans. Only the hard, only the strong.  Dilios, 300 Following the wake of the La Mer release I traversed the net posting my pictures to all who will have them.  First to the T shirt crowd over at Mintees.  Then to my designer friends over at Behance.  I'm currently trying to figure out Dribbble.  Basically when you're a startup like me you try and find all of the places you can to show your work so that someone might just stumble on by and make you internet famous.  That's the goal, more or less.  The biggest and most dangerous place to go looking for glory is the Hypebeast Forums.  I just finished posting the La Mer Collection on their wall of fashion brands.  For the last 3 years I have prostrated myself before this community.  What I have gotten for those 3 years is ignored.  Which isn't the worst response.  Hypebeast is known for the most vicious attacks on the internet. The nature of these comments has sparked articles discussing their content.  This is Sparta!  If you are not born fit to be a warrior, your infant tenement is smashed on the rocks.  If you wish to reach the courts of the castle, you must first begin in the dungeon. I paroosed the comments on the 2014 HUF Fall Delivery lookbook 2.  It is a hand drawn lookbook that illustrates the clothing of the release.  Something that I've hardly seen done and is very unique.  Here are the comments I found.  It starts off positive, and then.... "the most unique lookbook ive seen all summer" -SlowDays "cool concept, but i really dont have a good idea what the clothes look like so..." - G A L A X Y "this cool and all but" -drae "Is this a guide on how to look broke?" -The Real "Dope illustrations. Basic clothes." -Mobilephile "I understand the necessity to stand out in an saturated clothing market, but this lookbook is useless lol" -chief This is actually a more mild version I found.  I wanted to avoid examples with cursing, which there are plenty of examples of.   What these forums house is the most desired of consumers.  The individuals who populate this peoples court are the most sought after customers the world over.  They are the most picky, and judgmental.  You would think that the whole world existed just to please them based on their comments.  That all throughout their lives all anyone should do is appease their cravings.  However their buying power is second to none.  If you can land their attention for a year, maybe even a few months they will give wholeheartedly to your brand.  They are the ultra consumers.  They know every detail, every subtle nuance in your production runs.  Forums dedicated to spotting fakes.  They are the reason for the whole resellers market.  Their existence has changed the way companies market their product.  Products marketed to them will have smaller production runs, less release locations.  All to peak their interest. Jon Hundreds of The Hundreds. has an apartment that boasts 2,500 pairs of shoes, Jose Hustle will buy any random product, even condoms as long as it has a polo horse, and sneakers have become the most sought after fashion accessory.  The buying power of this demographic is powerful.  Where can you find them?  They are in the forums.  They said that in the heyday of the forums you could find  Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and others on the forums.  Hypebeast even did an article about this time period. The forums function in a way that seems to level the playing field for everyone.  The thread that is the most recently updated appears at the top of the forum.  That's it.  Your brand doesn't need to have a any sort of credibility.  As long as you are the most recent to post something, your brand will appear higher than all of the other brands with thousands, or millions of dollars behind them.  I have fervently updated my thread over and over to push it to the top wishing that the right people would see it.  However I don't get that many views.  Even as I write this I posted my new thread an hour ago and I have only received 21 views.  Why do we think it's that easy.  Somehow the internet, or my generation makes me think that one day we'll post here and the right person will see it and things will really start moving.  I think it's going to take a lot more than a well timed post on this forum.  Success is more derived than that.
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