February 22, 2021

Supreme | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

By RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman

In this episode of the Patriot Act Hasan Minhaj tasks about something that he has been into since high school.  Streetwear, but more specifically Jordans.  While wearing white cement Jordan 3's Hasan talks about Supreme and streetwear.  He explains what makes streetwear appealing and how higher prices drive up demand.  So much so that the frontrunner in streetwear, Supreme was acquired by the Carlyle Group.  The Carlyle Group is a global investment firm that that purchases assets to sell at a later date for profit.  Currently their assets are worth $246 Billion dollars.  The Patriot Act has recently become one of my favorite internet shows.  I know I'm late to the game but their take on a range of topics is always informative with a sprinkling of humor.

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