The Hundreds "We Need to Talk"

A few days ago on The Hundreds blog they posted this. We need to talk The Hundreds Who are The Hundreds? They are a streetwear brand that started with t shirts much like myself. However they have since grown immensely, 4 stores, and distribution around the world. They consist of two partners Ben and Bobby and they have a blog on their site that has been my favorite blog for a few years now. Yesterday morning I submitted a question responding to their offer. I was expecting to get a response declining my request to attend, or no response at all. Instead I got this. With the fury of the hounds of Hades (Do I even say that phrase?) I burst out of work early, scrambled into my "Fin" shirt and mounted my steed. I felt like I was a spy, or a smuggler traveling towards this secret meeting of the minds. I partly expected there to be one of those doors with a slot where you can only the eyes of the doorman and have them ask in a grim voice, "Password." After 2 hours of driving, I traversed the vast sea of red brake lights and reached my destination. 20121026-094257.jpg Arriving just about 20 minutes late I crept in quietly and stood at the back. Ben and Bobby were already up front with Microphones answering questions. 20121026-083157.jpg 20121026-083208.jpg I watched them answer quite a few questions from the front. The style was very informal and down to earth which I really enjoyed. I felt like I could ask anything and I know I wasn't alone in that feeling as I watch a few folks ask some off the wall personal questions. I even took my turn at the microphone. Ben said, "Fin" and I walked from the back of the room to the front. I started by introducing myself Bobby squinted his eyes and asked me, "Is the shirt yours? And is it Fin, or Fin? I responded, "It's Fin and yes I made it". I then continued to ask my question about outside influences on your brand. I asked them where they draw the line between what others want you to do with your brand and with you want to do with your brand. Their response was, "It's your brand!" Don't let other people dictate what you do with what you have created and what you love. Keep it yours and do only what is true to you and your brand. Afterward they stuck around to sign posters which I made sure to stay for. While in line I met a kid named Daniel who had flown from Florida that day to come to this event. Nuts! He had just started a brand and was talking to me about mine, I gave him a business cards and some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Then finally it was my turn in line. I walked up and greeted the duo with a hearty handshake and Bobby and I discussed what it is like living in the IE (The Inland Empire) since he is from Riverside and I currently live in Redlands. While I was talking to Bobby I saw a camera sitting behind him. That camera was been the spark of almost all of the blog posts from Bobby that I so enjoy. I asked, "Is that your camera? Can I get a photo for your blog?" And voila this transpired. A photo on The Hundreds blog. You can view the post here. I also handed Bobby a business card of mine so that he could link to my website (Which he didn't unfortunately *sad face*). However the night was still great and I consider it a success. I can now say that I was pictured on my favorite blog.
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