The Luke Skywalker of the Internet: Foster Huntington The Restless Transplant

The Luke Skywalker of the Internet: Foster Huntington The Restless Transplant If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from. Luke Skywalker, A New Hope The man, the myth, the legend.  Foster Huntington.  I first learned of him from this article feature on The Hundreds (Basically where I hear about everything).  Foster is the man behind such blogs as A Restless Transplant and The Burning House.  Foster is a male in his mid twenties who figured out how to get paid for documenting his dream life.  As the story goes he want to college in Maine and afterward he landed a job at Polo.  While there he started the blog The Burning House and landed a book deal for the blog that paid him more money than an entire years salary at Polo.  He quit his job, bought a van and started traveling around the country surfing, and living out of his van.  He also started documenting other vans and release a Kickstarter funded book called Home is Where you Park it.  Currently he is working for Patagonia which makes perfect sense.  He travels around the coast surfing and camping wherever he can which is exactly the Patagonia lifestyle. I can't recall another individual who is able to wield the power of the internet so effectively.  To begin all of these projects organically and have them be successful is no small feat.  It's crazy to me how some people can use that formula so well and leave the rest of us scratching our heads.  When I hear his story I start to think, "Oh, I can do that too." But, I've tried.  He is the Luke Skywalker of the internet and the force is with him, it has been proven more than once.  If you have ever tried to market anything using the internet you will know.  I've gotten blog posts, a Kickstarter, videos, none of them were anything close to reaching the scale of his projects. So what can we learn from him?.  It reminds me of how when the United States was being founded people would move out west just to explore and the chart their own course.  They wanted the freedom, the unknown.  How many of us would love to be able to do the same.  Maybe some of the people reading this right now will.  This is the goal, this is what modern culture has taught us to do.  If you do choose to step out and create the life that you want, it may just be so different from everyone else's life that they will want to pay attention.  Make your job, don't find it.
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