September 23, 2019

The Fearless Ones, Les gens courageux

By RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman

Les gens courageux is french for, "The Fearless ones." This was the first design that I made for Vaughn de Heart. The brand name was already formed, but I didn't know what form the designs would take. What concept should base the designs around? I wanted to create something that captured me. Something that I connected with.

vaughn de heart lookbook les gens courageux the fearless ones

So I started going over the name of the brand and it what it evoked. Starting a clothing brand was my biggest fear. Making a design that declared my intention to the world sounded like a daring but enticing concept. I Focused on the word, "Heart." Heart is what I wanted to base the brand around but not heart in the romantic sense, heart in a courageous sense. With that I started to come up with phrases about being courageous and writing them out but something felt like it was missing from the design.

vaughn de heart lookbook les gens courageux the fearless ones

When I was brainstorming I thought of a video game I had played on the original Playstation many years earlier. The game was Metal Gear Solid. In the game they had a military operation that was called, "Les Enfants Terribles." This phrase stuck with me partly because it was in french. It stuck with me after all these years. Next I opened google translate and started translating the phrases I came up with. The fearless ones translated so nicely, "Les gens courageux." The paintbrush font I decided to attach to it because it seemed to fit with the french language being used. Voila! This is how Les gens courageux was born. Les gens courageux is available in our online store. It is also one of the best selling designs we have ever made. The simplicity of the black paintbrush text on a white v-neck makes it striking, yet simple.

vaughn de heart lookbook les gens courageux the fearless ones
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