Vaughn de Heart Spring Collection 2011 Releasing This Sunday May 8 at 10am

This isn't another teaser, here is the full collection.  I give to you Vaughn de Heart Spring collection 2011.  The collection will release online at this Sunday at 10am.  4 of the 5 shirts are limited to only 25 pieces.  Get them before they are gone.

An Old English V feaured on the front.  Only 25 made.

The tag says, "Only 25 made".  "Lords van Legende" is dutch for "Lords of Legend".

Only 25 made

The tag reads "Orion, Only 25 made".  I called this design Orion because I got the inspiration for the three stars on the shoulder from the three stars that comprise Orion's belt in the Orion Constellation.  And because the story of Orion "The Great Hunter" is very intriguing.  "When Orion rises, ‘night feigns the brightness of day and folds its dusky wings" -Manilius

"Nous gardons le coeur" is french and is roughly translated to "We will not lose heart."

Only 25 Made

The tag says "Hearts cannot be lead, Only 25 made."  Hearts cannot be lead is a reference to a rule in the card game of Hearts.  You cannot lead with hearts unless that is all you have.

Only 25 Made

Maybe one of the most complex meanings of a Vaughn de Heart shirt to date.  The tag reads Julius Caesar 47 BC, Only 25 made."  In 47 BC Julius Caesar conquered Pharnaces at Zela and took back Rome.    Which is why the shirt says, "Roma".  The date that is shown inside of the black circle is the date that he beat Pharnaces and the day that he coined the phrase "Veni Vidi Vici" Which is shown at the bottom of the shirt and is latin for, "I came I saw I conquered."  I have listed the date in the form of the Julian calendar which is a calendar that Julius Caesar himself instituted.

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