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We are a community of like-minded people that wants to protect what we love most: our oceans. We are all aware that there is no Planet B and we have to drastically change the status quo to preserve what we have.

This is why an international group of young people have settled in the city of Barcelona to revolutionize the fashion industry and make the impossible possible.

We make goods for a better future

Vision and values

One of the biggest issues Western society instills in people is the mentality that everything is disposable. At TWOTHIRDS we believe that everything has purpose. We only produce what is needed for you and we ensure the quality of the materials and attention to detail allow for a long life with you. We believe in local production and only use family-run factories in Portugal that meet our standards. And we make sure each aspect of our process adheres to our ethics of sustainability.

We are constantly improving our production techniques and monitor their environmental impact to ensure we keep to our main goal: creating less harmful effects for our oceans so we can all keep enjoying them in the future. We know we are not for everybody but we do not want to be either.

Our story

Our story probably started subconsciously in the year 1997 when our founder, Lutz Schwenke, spent one year as a teenager on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Being in the ocean almost all day, swimming with humpback whales, surfing, and learning about the ocean from the Hawaiian Watermen made an everlasting impact on him.

Fast forward nine years and 11,000 kms down the Pacific to Santiago, Chile. Lutz was working for the United Nations investigating responsible consumption and fair trade. He paired this knowledge with his respect for the ocean and the idea for an ecological ocean brand was born.

The brand, TWOTHIRDS, was first developed and established in the Basque Country, Spain but moved to Barcelona in 2013 where the company headquarters continues to thrive.

Our office and factories

Currently, we are fighting our biggest fight: removing plastic from our team’s everyday life. It’s incredible how hard it is!

We started by removing plastic from our TWOTHIRDS packaging. Our next step was to equip all of our factories with water filters and provide TWOTHIRDS bottles so everyone could enjoy clean refreshing water without the plastic.

In the office we’re constantly thinking of ways to reduce plastic from our daily habits. We recently installed a whole bean coffee machine to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups and we use TWOTHIRDS take-away cups if we want some coffee on-the-go. Many of us bring our lunches in reusable glass containers or homemade wax paper and, to ensure we’re recycling as much as possible, we implemented an organised waste management and recycling system in the kitchen.

We are slowly getting there and will update you on our progress along the way. Hopefully, you can get inspired by our ideas and find some valuable advice on how to reduce plastic in your own life.


Carrer del Monestir 23
08034 Barcelona - Spain

Phone: +34 934 12 53 71

Customer Service

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
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