Our Story

"Where did you get that T-Shirt?"
He replied,
"I bought it at a thrift store.


I was in southern California wearing a shirt I had designed for my fraternity in Washington state. I was talking to someone who had no connection to the school wearing the same shirt I had designed.

He had bought the shirt from a thrift store. This chance meeting was the spark I needed.


Before the chance meeting I had designs, collection ideas, and I had even come up with the name Vaughn de Heart (Lion of Heart).

Despite all of that, I was still afraid to begin. I decided to have courage as the theme throughout the designs.


Vaughn de Heart has become one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences of my life.

It has a truly international following, and it has become a vehicle to spread inspiration around the world.

How we
achieve premium quality


Vaughn de Heart designs are inspired by international language and simple design. Vaughn de Heart weaves the theme of courage into a clean design framework showcased with garments of premium materials.


We're pretty serious when we say our products are soft. Think the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man snuggling with golden retriever puppies in a bounce-house.

Focused on
the fit

We test, retest, and test once more the fit of our garments. We know that how our clothes fit is one of the most important qualities. Our products are preshrunk and tightly woven to provide great fitting garments that are built to last.

Ethically Made
(and paid)

We consciously choose ethical manufacturing processes that have safe working conditions and practices for the making of our products. Everything we make is in accordance with fair trade practices.

“I'm currently attending business school and one of our assignments is to reach out to someone who is 'successful.'”

One of the most meaningful interactions I've ever had.