How Mike Amiri Built a Luxury Fashion House From a 30k Investment in Himself

How Mike Amiri Built a Luxury Fashion House From a 30k Investment in Himself

 In this episode of IDEA GENERATION, designer Mike Amiri shares his inspiring journey. The video starts by introducing Amiri's background, growing up in Hollywood. It then takes us through the various stages of his career, highlighting key milestones.

The video begins with Amiri's early days, where he honed his craft and developed a passion for fashion. It mentions his first capsule collection, indicating that he started by creating a limited line of clothing.

As the video progresses, it delves into the pivotal moment when Amiri launched his flagship brand, AMIRI. It emphasizes that this was a significant turning point in his career. From there, it explores how Amiri's unique designs and craftsmanship gained recognition in the fashion industry.

The video also mentions Amiri's collaboration with musicians, indicating that he handcrafted clothes for them. This collaboration likely helped him gain exposure and establish a reputation within the music industry.

One of the remarkable aspects highlighted in the video is the tremendous success of Amiri's brand. It states that his annual revenue has exceeded $300 million, emphasizing the significant growth and impact he has achieved.

Throughout the video, the underlying theme revolves around the power of one idea. It suggests that Amiri's journey started with a single concept and transformed into a successful fashion brand through his creativity, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

 Act I
00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Influence of Parents' Professional Life
02:01 - Importance of Supportive Network
02:21 - Discovering Creative Abilities
03:32 - First foray into Fashion
03:55 - Influence of Hollywood and Culture
04:37 - High School Years in Beverly Hills
06:00 - Overcoming Creative Blocks
06:27 - Transition to College and Music
07:50 - Pursuing Academics and Law School
09:20 - Unexpected Journey into K-pop
11:00 - Knowing When to Pivot
11:25 - Entry into Fashion Industry
12:56 - Balancing Work to Pursue Passion
13:23 - Building a Network and Developing Craft
14:45 - Embracing Failure and Growth
15:07: Freelance Gigs & Being a One-Man Show
16:17 - Going All In & How Amiri Began
18:15 - Getting Amiri Out into the World
19:28 - Choosing His Last Name to Build a Fashion Empire

Act II
20:26 - Unleashing Exclusive Styles at Maxfield
20:57 - Creating Illusion and Demand & Refining the Foundation
22:32 - Balancing Creativity and Business
23:15 - Staying Exclusive in the Fashion Industry
23:53 - Definition of Personal Success:
24:20 - Why Amiri Has The Best Denim In The World
25:10 - Protecting the Brand's Essence
27:14 - The Endless Pursuit of Excellence
28:07 - The Fear that Comes with Scaling & The Importance of a Mentor
29:45 - Defying Norms: The Rodeo Drive Store

31:21 - Evolution of Aesthetic and Influences
32:10 - Amiri’s Uniqueness Reigns Supreme in Fashion
33:17 - Where Ideas Spark
33:30 - Creating Solutions and Making an Impact
34:57 - The ROI of a Paris Runaway Show
36:00 - Most Important Qualities
36:23 - Maintaining Humility and Leading from the Ground Floor
38:06 - Sacrifices, Family, and Carving Out Time
41:31 - Values over Materialism
41:55 - The Vision of the Next 10 Years
43:07 - Empowering Undiscovered Talent through the AMIRI Prize
44:30 - Uncompromising Dedication to Brand Integrity


Noah Callahan-Bever
Creator & Host, Idea Generation

Starring: Mike Amiri

Musical Director: A-Trak
Animations by: Sang Bleu / IDEA GENERATION

Executive Producers: Helena Ox, Tricia Clarke-Stone and John Walaszek
Producer: Jack Erwin
Creative Director + Editor: Kyle Gaughan 

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