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Your Brand of Courage.


Ever since I was a kid, courage has always looked the same to me. When I was young I was drawing race cars, playing sports, and heroes on TV traveling the world. Courage was alive, it was thrilling, courage was real.


Vaughn de Heart began with the idea was for it to be a creative venture, but exactly what to create was elusive. When I began Vaughn de Heart, the idea of starting a clothing brand terrified me. It scared me so much that for inspiration I started with my sources of courage. I found that from childhood to adulthood my sources of courage have stayed the same. Language, travel, sport, are the things that fueled me, what I wanted more of in my life. My childhood courage. Before we learned to be afraid. Remembering drawing those racecars, landscapes, and sunsets. A warm golden afternoon sketching my ideas after school in the time stolen before multiplication tables, French class homework, and soccer practice. Courage was a sheet of paper, a pencil, and imagination.


Vaughn de Heart is a pursuit to capture that courage. To take us back to when we imagined anything, and when we were anything we wanted to be. Coloring books with animals, crayons of all colors, and toys that filled our drawers.


In an effort for sustainability, Vaughn de Heart has added to our online cart a carbon-neutral feature. With this option selected, the order is carbon neutral.



Inspired by language and simple design. Vaughn de Heart weaves the theme of courage into a clean design framework showcased with garments of premium materials.


We are serious when we say our products are soft. Think the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man snuggling with golden retriever puppies in a bounce-house.

Focused on
the fit

We test, retest, and test once more the fit of our garments. We know that how our clothes fit is one of the most important qualities. Our products are preshrunk and tightly woven to provide great fitting garments that will last for years to come.

Ethically Made
(and paid)

We consciously choose ethical manufacturing processes that have safe working conditions and practices for the making of our products. Everything we make is in accordance with fair trade practices.