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My favorite top in the closet!!

I love the fit of this shirt, it contours for free movement and has such a classic look.
I like wearing it to casual dinners, but it’s versatile enough to dress it up with a collared shirt underneath popped out of the top for a fancy night out.
It has a clean, sleek and sporty look.
I love the weight, density and breathe-ability of the fabric. Light enough for summer evenings, and it keeps me warm when I need a layer during the winter.

Tip top

Dig the weight and feel. Top quality.

And stitched textured emblem is tight.

Soooo Comfortable

I love this VDH hoodie. It’s the only hoodie that fits me perfectly and don’t get me started how comfy the sweatpants are. Highly recommend VDH!

Business? Casual? Why not both!

I love a perfect fitting polo, especially when the quality and comfort are on par... Can't say I hate my cool corner look that someone snapped a dinner party this week.

Feel kinda famous in this

I saw Bastille play in Montana this spring. The lead singer was rocking a crew neck sweater, and I felt like I had become him when I put this VDH sweater on. Fresh and cozy! Had to jump on the keys :)

I don't always wear varsity jackets...

But when I do, I'm repping the V and rocking black from head to do. Big fan... comfy AF too

Fits just right

A shirt I can wear to work and on date night. Not to tight, not to loose. Comfortable, soft and my wife approves.

My favorite jacket

Fits true to size, looks good, feels good

My go to sweater

Quality sweater, fit is perfect, I get compliments when I wear it.

Amazing Hoodie

I’m a big fan of hoodie sweaters and This is a solid option. Fits and feels great!

Versatile Polo

A great all round polo! Feels and fits good and is comfortable to wear on many occasions. And if I ever pick up golf someday I’d wear this out on the course.

Comfy fit, great for out and about

I like simpler designs, and I feel like the VdH black polo accomplishes that. Breathable, comfy, and wasn’t tight even with a shirt underneath for colder nights. Can’t go wrong with this polo whether you’re out on date night, chillin w the buds, or just out and about. Lots of polos feel itchy or scratchy to me, but this one didn’t have that. I’m guessing it’s the higher quality material. Whatever VdH is doing, they’re doing it the right way.

Super comfy crew!

Loving the sailboat graphic on this sweater! Fits and feels great to wear!

My only hoodie

I think what I love most about this hoodie is just how super comfy it is. It has just the right amount of weight, but form fitting enough that you don’t feel at all like you’re wearing a blanket. The hood is perfectly constructed to not obstruct your view or flop around, and the sleeves don’t drag or hang on my arms. It’s the only hoodie I want to wear!

Great crew neck sweater!

Super comfortable crew neck sweater that fits great too. Plus I’m digging the nautical signal flags that go with the letters. Solid pickup!

My favorite sweater!

This is a quality sweater miles above the stuff you find elsewhere. By far one of the comfiest I’ve come across, whether it’s cool or moderate out. The best part is the design, which is sleek, simple, and goes super well with the sweats I also picked up from VdH. I wear this almost everywhere when it starts to get cool out, and am never left wanting for warmth, durability, or comfort.

Tote-ally worth the price!

I love a good tote, and I own a good number of them, but I don’t have many that I use for stylish purposes. Enter the Vaughn de Heart tote. Sometimes you want a tote with a lot of space but that doesn’t shout to the world which grocery store you visit a little too often (ahem). This will do the trick. Best part is I never have to worry about it getting noticeably dirty if I set it somewhere that is not especially clean. Love this for groceries, regular goods, or for books/laptop etc. Even great for when I need a simple carry-on bag for a flight. Highly recommend.

My favorite sweatpants!

Love love love these! Very comfy, not too tight around the waist or ankles, comfy material, this is definitely the best pair of sweatpants I have ever worn. Loved it so much, I had to get the crew neck to go with it as well. I would say these are great for whatever you’re thinking: working out, dinner date, or even just lounging around the house. Compared to a lot of other sweatpants, the quality difference here is obvious.

Farewell chilly evenings!

I love this jacket more than I have any business doing so. Sleek on the outside, comfy on the inside—we’re talking dinners, date nights, nighttime strolls, or hitting up the clurb. Bonus points: it’s the perfect jacket for giving to your lady friend if she gets cold while you’re out and about. I wouldn’t consider myself especially “fashionable”, but this made me want to find a runway somewhere and do a couple laps.

Breathable, Stylish, Comfy

I don’t wear too many polo shirts, but this polo from Vaughn de Heart might be the game changer I needed to change my mind. Tried this out on a whim and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s form fitting, it’s breathable, and the material is actually great for whether it’s cool or more moderate out, whether I’m out on open waters on the boat, or in for dinner with friends. Stoked!

Popular at my last dinner!

Loved this navy blue crew neck! Super comfy, and was a hit at my last dinner night with friends. This was a great balance between snug—but not tight—and breathable that I felt good, looked good, and didn’t notice any tightness or anything. I would definitely recommend this for moderate to cool temps. Great buy!

Super quality

Great great quality and awesome embroidery work. Not to often I find a well styled polo.

Hella Quality

Very soft and just a great hoodie. Huge fan of the double walled hood. Great embroidery work.

Get it.

My New Favorite Sweatshirt

I am always reluctant to buy from smaller brands, but I am SO happy that I took a chance on Vaughn de Heart for this sweater. It is made SO well. The patches are a nice extra touch, and I love how this particular crewneck hugs my waist. I feel cozy and stylish. It can be hard to rock a sweatshirt and jeans without feeling frumpy, but not with this piece! Love love love it and am already eyeing my next purchase.


Happy to have a second pair of these pants with the patch intact, as the first pair I received was replaced and I wasn't able to edit my first review. These really are an awesome pair of pants and the organic cotton material is probably the best I've had in a pair of sweatpants. Love the deep black color, the stylish patch, and the high waisted fit is different than you'll find at most any store. If you buy them, you'll love them, I do.