How To Make Basic Clothes Look Good | Style Tips

August 29, 2020

How To Make Basic Clothes Look Good | Style Tips

As Tim mentions basics are really important.  Watching this video makes me want to get rid of all of my basics and start over.  Basics are a really easy way to to upgrade your style.  I feel like the most important part of the basics is the fit.  That's what will make the most basic of items really stand out.

8 basics mentioned:

1. The Cotton Crew Neck Tee: The Premium Weight Relaxed Crew Neck Tee: (also the t-shirt I’m wearing in the talking head parts)

2. The Straight Fit Jeans:

3. The Oxford Shirt:

4. The French Terry Sweatshirt:

5. The White Sneakers:

6. The Bomber Jacket:

7. The Overcoat:

8. The Performance Chinos:

Other items worn (some items not linked because they’re no longer available or I don’t know the brands):

Silver mesh watch:

Black cropped trousers:

White sneakers with birds embroidery:

Wide trousers: (no longer available in the same color)

Minimal white sneakers:

Red/black turtlenecks:

Denim jacket:

Grey wool trousers:

Black chelsea boots:

Pink hoodie: