STOP Dressing For Your HEIGHT

STOP Dressing For Your HEIGHT

In this Video Tim Dessaint talks about the tips and guidelines about how to dress for your height. Tim is 5'7 and over time he has heard many tips about how to dress to be appear taller. He says all of those tips aren't wrong. For example dressing more monochromatic in color choices in navy blue and black, or wearing a shoe with a chunkier bottom for added height just to name a few. However he starts to break down why do men want to appear taller in the first place and talks about how to embrace your height and how you can make your height work for your clothing choices.

In this heartfelt and personal video, the Tim expresses the significance of the topic at hand, revealing their own deep connection to the issue. They have observed many individuals feeling restricted by societal expectations and body stereotypes, particularly when it comes to height or size.

This emotional connection fuels their desire to bring perspective and insight to the subject, aiming to inspire viewers who can relate to this experience. The video promises to provide a fresh perspective on the matter, offering encouragement and support to all those who have felt limited by societal norms. The narrator's genuine compassion shines through as they affectionately address the viewers as "short kings and queens," spreading love and positivity to everyone facing similar challenges.

With their heartfelt two cents, the video promises to be an empowering and uplifting experience for those seeking a new outlook on style and self-expression.


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