February 16, 2021

10 Fashion Accessories Every Guy Needs

By RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman

10 Fashion Accessories Every Guy Needs

1. Watches:
Mondaine (white dial): https://bit.ly/2WGXcNn
Skagen (blue dial): https://bit.ly/30dXAEh (not the same watch but closest I found)
Timex (white dial, beige strap): https://amzn.to/2PaekWz (different color strap)
Corniche (black leather): http://bit.ly/2Hxs5et
Nixon (gold): https://bit.ly/2DmQa8K

2. Bracelet:
Miansai: https://bit.ly/3ff6ntV
Thomas Sabo: https://apprl.com/al/5Yvm/
Silver cuff: https://bit.ly/2DqmHLm
Silver chain: https://bit.ly/30fSNSL

3. Necklace:
Miansai: https://bit.ly/2TIr1dg
Thomas Sabo: https://apprl.com/al/5Yvl/
My most recent necklace (birds and arrow): https://bit.ly/39KVmzs

4. Rings:
Double bar ring: https://bit.ly/2Yu9acb
Silver & gold signet ring: https://apprl.com/al/5Yvq/
Minimal silver ring: https://apprl.com/al/5Yvp/

5. Baseball cap:
COS baseball caps (my black, olive green and tan are from here): https://bit.ly/30gmnb1
Everlane baseball caps (my white, light green and dark grey are from here): https://bit.ly/2PeT6qN
ARKET baseball caps (my purple and textured beige are from here): https://bit.ly/30dO0Bs

6. Scarves
Oversized scarf (grey and orange), mine is from Everlane but they don't have it on the website currently so here is another oversized one I found: https://bit.ly/33bzP1s
Small lightweight neck scarf: http://bit.ly/37X9Bzo (linked to the website of the brand, they don't have this specific model anymore but they have plenty of others)

7. Leather belt: https://amzn.to/30gnGqr

8. Backpack:
ISM backpack (black leather): https://shrsl.com/1sc5m
Haerfest backpack (beige): https://shrsl.com/2exif

9. Sunglasses:
My sunglasses are from Paul Ward: https://bit.ly/3gixXYq (but they don't have this exact model anymore)

10. Fragrance:
Eau Sauvage (Dior): https://amzn.to/3jVphcN
Terre d'Hermès: https://amzn.to/3gfKqfy

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