2 Year Anniversary Video

2 year anniversary from Vaughn de Heart on Vimeo.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of my brand.  I wanted to do something to celebrate so I decided to make a video.  This story is kind of the precursor to meeting Nick and having that huge experience that you can read about on my story page.  I met Nick 2 years ago to the day.  This event happened to me about  8 months before the Nick incident (go here to read about it) so even before I met him I was kind of waiting, expecting something to happen to lead me in a direction to hopefully do something different.  There are a lot of things shown in the video, but there are a few clips that come up at certain moments when I talk about something specific things because they have special significance.

The first is when I show the "Nous gardons le cardon" shirt right when I say that his words sent me into a rage is because that phrase roughly translated from french means "We will not loose heart."  Because for whatever reason his words didn't deter me from what I was determined to do.

When I talk about the fashion industry being competitive and that people's perception could be wrong I show the "Les gens courageux"shirt which is french for "The fearless ones" because I believe that moving forward when people or perception are discouraging you is a fearless attribute.

And lastly when I talk about people who have supported me I show a picture of my brother and I from his wedding because my brother is my biggest supporter.  Ever shirt design and pretty much ever move of the brand I run by him first.  It's been like this from even before I started the brand with other things that I've attempted.

And a big thank you to the band Lemolo for letting me use their song "Open Air" you can find more info about them here.

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