Basic Wardrobe | The Foundation

Basic Wardrobe | The Foundation

In this video Hueguh shows his idea of what a basic wardrobe should consist of. The basic wardrobe is the foundation of any closet. I like how he began with the Ludlow suit from J. Crew. I actually own this suit in tan but he opts for navy blue. I agree that if you're going to only have one suit, navy blue is the best. He opts to pair the navy suit with a white shirt, black tie, and black shoes. I would go for a blue tie and brown shoes instead however. He also reviews oxfords dress shirts, T-shirts, and sneakers. All of these are great basics for any man's wardrobe.

Suit(Ludlow) -​

Oxford -​
T-Shirt(The T-Shirt) -​

Denim(Petite New Standards) -​
Chinos(Mason) -​

Denim Jacket(Who) -​
Twill Overshirt(Reverse Sateen) -​

Common Projects Achilles Low(380$) -​
Trainers(996) -​
Oxfords(Cap Toe) -​

Gear I Use (Amazon Affiliate):
Camera -​
24mm -​
35mm -​
Macro Lens -

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