Hot Wheels - Double Loop Dare Documentary

hot wheels double loop dare documentary Hot Wheels asks the question, "Why should you stop dreaming just because your not a kid anymore?" I really like this short video. I never thought of Hot Wheels as being able to create real life things. I thought of them as strictly toys and a bit outside of the real world in terms of product and execution. However once I heard about them doing this it changed everything. My respect for Hot Wheels and my view of them as a company has completely changed.  I thought of them as simply making toys.  Now I think of them as a modern company that realizes the impact that they have on kids, adults, and the world at large.  I played with Hot Wheels as a kid and I hadn't thought much about them since then.  However through this video they caught up with me and activated my imagination again.  They reengaged me and caught up with me as an adult and brought back a flood of memories from when I used to play with their toys.  Brilliant execution.
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