March 06, 2021

How Is An F1 Race Suit Made?

By RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman

 How Is An F1 Race Suit Made?

Ever wondered where Lewis Hamilton's race suit is produced? What goes into the manufacturing process? We head to Torino, Italy to find out how Puma Motorsport work with F1 teams to create these important pieces of race wear.  In this interview they get into all of the weight savings methods they use in the velcro, and they even have fabric zippers for this reason. They also talk about the on demand support they do.  One example that is given is that Sebastian Vettel wanted to change the position of the hole on his baclava for drinking through a straw.  They were able to make this special customization. The amount of time and detail put into these suits is very impressive.


Find out more about PUMA Motorsport here:

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