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Well your first question probably is why?  Why have I reached out to the Kickstarter community?  Cause I need a dolla dolla. (For all of the Aloe Blacc and How to make it in America fans)  This would be an oversimplified answer to the question.  The reason is because through the creation of this brand I have tried to make things a bit more personal.  The phrases on my clothing may be a bit more passionate
than say the next brand.  Even down to the custom tags, that change with every design, I have tried to make a connection with my audience.
 Whether that is through their understanding of trying to strike it
out on their own, a love of language, an expression of the motivation
of heart, or even just for the love of sipping hot chocolate and
listening to Parisian instrumentals with the feel of a soft v neck
snug on their bicep.

Kickstarter is another way for me to make my upcoming
collection personal.  To make people feel a part of the collection, a
part of its creation.  When people pledge their money, I will be able
to create a garment for them with their own name inscribed on the tag.
 I don’t even have that, none of my shirts say RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman
all they have is some Vaughn nonsense. Hopefully before they put these
garments on, or see them in their drawer, or hanging in their closet,
it makes them feel a little different than the other garments do.  So
that as they go through the winter of 2011 they may stay heated from
the warm fuzzies alone, that came from giving.

               Another goal that the funding of my project will
accomplish, is allowing stores to carry more of my items instead of
just the t-shirts.  It costs me quite a bit more to produce sweaters,
hoodies, and hats.  So I cannot offer them to stores at a competitive
rate.  With Kickstarter’s help, I will have the ability to offer my
garments in stores within most people’s price range.  It will also
allow more people to take home more Vaughn de Heart items to feed,
care for, and nourish.

               Any amount helps the cause.  I look forward to making
many garments with your names inside the tags.  Thank you, and I hope
you will be a part of my experiment in courage.

You can go here to fund

Here are mock ups from some of the items that I will make for the collection.  And at some of the donation levels you can get these items with your name printed on the neck labels.

"Heart" the essence of my brand printed on a soft heather grey v neck.

"Fait avec courage" is french for "Made with courage" printed on a clean white v neck.

"Division Intrépides" is french for "Fearless Division" which is significant to me because starting a clothing brand was my biggest fear.  Now that I have I feel somewhat fearless.
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