Should You Bend Your Hat Brim? – Hats | Style Guide | GQ

Vaughn de Heart doesn't sell brimmed hats...yet.  However I do wear hats a lot.  I'm been wearing them every day during this pandemic since it's been around 3 months since I've had my hair cut.  I have some hats that are bent and some that aren't.  Lately I've been wearing the bent ones. GQ weighs in on whether you should bend your hat or not.

In my time I've had fitted New Era hats, retro snapbacks, and Dad hats.  All of the them have their strengths and today wearing any of the three is acceptable.  This is a change because back when these styles first came around it was acceptable to only wear that style of hat.  Things have change and it's now the wild west.  Anything goes.  So pick your preference depending on the day of the week or how you feel.  All types are at play.

In this intriguing video, renowned hat designer Don C, the mastermind behind Just Don hats, steps forward to shed light on the age-old question that has divided hat enthusiasts for years: Should you bend your brim or not?

With his expertise and experience in the world of fashion and headwear, Don C takes on the challenge of providing insight and guidance on this contentious topic. As the video unfolds, viewers can expect to gain valuable knowledge and perspectives on the art of hat styling, as well as uncover the rationale behind Don C's stance on bending brims.

Get ready for an engaging and informative discussion that aims to settle the debate once and for all.

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