The Armstrong Lie Official Trailer 1


The Armstrong lie trailer

The armstrong lie

The Armstrong Lie Official Trailer.  Oh man do I want to watch this documentary  I am not a huge fan and follower of cycling but boy did I love Lance.  I loved all of his commercials.  I loved how aggressively he defended himself.  He seemed so confident so sure about his defense and I stood behind him.  I believed in him and what he symbolized.  That an athlete can dominate a sport and be completely vindicated will doing so.  I believed like so many, and I was wrong.  This story shattered my trust in sports.  I probably was too naive with the amount of other documentaries that have been released showing how athletes from my lifetime were using banned substances and methods. I wonder how many other athletes that I stood behind will come forward and admit their banned substance use in the future.  But Lance seemed so strong, so sure.  It will be hard for me to trust again.  
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