April 09, 2020

The End, Fin

By RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman
vaughn de heart lookbook fin v neck black

Fin, meaning, "The end." A shirt from the first collection from Vaughn de Heart. I really like how this black t shirt contrasted with the Les gens courageux design white t shirt design. What was interesting is when the 2 shirts were released people usually bought one or the other. Very few people would buy both.

vaughn de heart lookbook fin v neck black

When I first worked on this design, I used a template for the front and the back of the shirt. When I was designing the long F in the word Fin I simply cut off the end of the F to make the shirt fit onto the template for the front of the shirt.

I showed my brother the template and he said he liked it. A couple months later when I was ready to make the collection and my brother and I were going over the designs I told my brother that the F just finished on the front of the shirt. I told him I cut off the F to make the shirt fit on the template. He said, "What? I thought the F wrapped around to the back of the shirt. That was the best part of the design." I had no idea that's what it appeared as. After he said this I frantically emailed my screen printer and asked for them to have the F wrap around to the back of the design.

The screen printer refused. The screen printer explained to me that in order to have the shirt wrap around to the back they would have to print of the side seam on the shirt and didn't want to risk poor results.  For the next month I scoured the country to fin a screen printer that would take on the task.  I found one in the great state of Colorado.  As soon as they agreed I put the order out immediately.  When the order showed up I was more than happy with the results.  The impossible idea was able to become reality.  Now you can buy the finished product here.

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