Vaughn de Heart Evolution Story Video


In this video I talk about some of the original inspiration for the brand. How in high school I was made fun of for my fashion choices and what I wore and how this evolved into me finding my way to making fashion one of my biggest strengths. I also talk about my fears for starting a brand and the fear of failure and everybody being able to watch the whole process. Through creating this brand I have found inspiration for other areas of my life and I hope by sharing that others will find inspiration too.

-What would I say to the kid in this picture?

-It’s not going to last forever.

-My name is RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman I'm the founder of Vaughn de Heart

-One day people aren’t going to make fun of you for what you wear. Clothing will be what you’re known for.

-It’s not going to be easy.

-The thought of making clothing is terrifying right now. You’re afraid that everyone will watch you fail.

-Everything on my site is loading super weird.

-Broke my screen

-None of these images are in the right spot. All of these images are supposed to be next to each other.

-7:15 in the morning just got an email saying that my site is fixed.

-We all have stories of courage. What's yours?

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