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Last Tuesday I got a call from my good friend Jay saying that Johnny Cupcakes was having a lecture 30 minutes away at 5 o'clock.  As soon as I got off work I hopped in my car and drove there with one goal in mind.  You see I attended one of his lectures previously in October 2009.  I have heard his story and gained great inspiration from it.  My reason for going this time was to be featured on the blog.  I listened to his great tips and waited it out as I watched other people have conversations with him.  Then finally it was my turn.  With a hearty handshake I introduced myself and started asking him in depth questions about his blog.  I have been following his blog for about 2 years now so I know a lot about what goes on with his brand.  Then I asked him the dreaded question, "Do you think you can post about me on your blog?"  He said that he could not guarantee anything I gave him my business card and he told me to hold it up as he snapped a few pictures of me.  Then we shook hands and parted.  The whole way home I was kicking myself, "Man I should have told him more of what has happened to me since I started this brand.  The collections I released the people I've met, the emails I have received. I should have said so much more.  He will never post about me.  I didn't really tell him anything.   I thought I blew it.  I thought I missed my opportunity.  I played the scenario over and over in my head of what I should have done.  Then on Saturday morning I woke up, went to his blog and I saw this picture.

Experiment in courage.

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