What Happens When One Man Becomes Vaughn de Heart

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of Vaughn de Heart. 3 years ago I met Nick and had one of the impactful days of my life so far (Read the full story here) Above is a video that my brother made by gathering video from the last few years. I decided to put out a video that was a little more whimsical and lighthearted than the video from last year. There is a serious undertone to the video. It is imbedded in the question that the video asks, "What happens when one man becomes Vaughn de Heart?" For 3 years I've been at this now. Releasing collections, attracting press, and selling product. The first thing I will say is that I have a much better understanding of why businesses fail after 2 years. Between year 2 and year 3 is a very big contrast compared to years 1 and 2. Between year 2 and 3 is I believe when most of the glamour in business owners eyes is removed and replaced with reality. You start to truly see what it is going to take to put your business in the position you want it to be and to reach the goals you have set for yourself. You now know very well exactly the opportunities that need to be generated and executed. When I first started I had an idea of what I wanted to do and thought every idea I constructed would explode. That is not the case it takes, strategy planning, and diligenceand at 3 years you know what it is going to take. It is almost like when you first started in this respect. You take a current evaluation on how you are going to accomplish your goals and you take a different viewpoint on it. The big difference and the silver lining in that it is now year three is that you have something to build on. In year one you have all of these lofty ideas and you have to do so much building and prep work before you can put them into action. By year 3 you have a building block. For myself I already have stores, collections, customers, line sheets, a redesigned website, promotional material, and a battle tested determination worthy of Conan the Barbarian That is what I believe what must happen by your second to third year in busienss. When you finally have a true idea of what business success will take, you have to have already built a strong foundation to make the strong moves that you now have a more complete understanding of. When you now look around with clear eyes a grin has to come to your face because you realize, "I am not starting at square one."
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