FAQs - Vaughn de Heart



  • How long will orders take to arrive? Orders are shipped within two business days. We ship using United States Postal Service (USPS.
  • What countries does Vaughn de Heart Ship to? Any country in the world.If you have issues sending to your country send us an email contact@vaughndeheart.com
  • How does Vaughn de Heart clothing fit? The models in our photos are swearing size small. There is a a link to the size chart of each shirt on each product page.
  • I have a store and would like to carry Vaughn de Heart.  What should I do? Send an email to contact@vaughndeheart.com
  • Where did the name Vaughn de Heart come from? It means “Lion of Heart”. My middle name is Le’ Vaughan so I took part of that name to make the “Vaughn” and the “de” means “of” in many languages. The, “Heart” is something that show in what I do. I try to be, “Of heart.”
  • Where should I send questions to? contact@vaughndeheart.com


  • What should I do if I have a return? Send an email to contact@vaughndeheart.com